What are btches?

lots of btches been asking ‘what are btches’ so here’s the backstory. 

The moment sartoshi had released the mfers project, there was created a new era of hype in NFT space. Focussed on art & community, without a roadmap & discord. It spread all over Twitter and still is. We have been fascinated and saw many derivative popping up, but these weren’t close to the original. We wanted to be some more original and create a new hype trend. So we are here to present you hand-drawn btches with a total supply of 3000. Inspired by the mfers project and released for free in the public domain, also without a roadmap and discord. Lets show everyone what btches are made of!


“you should charge for the art” – no, we shouldn’t; we believe in btches.
“you need an official discord” – no, we don’t; btches built one for btches.
“you need a roadmap” – no, loyal btches wait and get rewarded. 
“when where btches born?” – 8 March 2022, on I
nternational women’s day offcourse.
“what’s the utility?” – btches have always been the utility!? Use your btch in any way.

BTCHES CONTRACT ADDRESS : 0x65F717F9267694C45AE016600Bc8963C25EEfE70
THE SONS OF BTCHES CONTRACT ADDRESS : 0x00661858b4A0372705Be6CcC4b1312e2839191da